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  • Please accept my deepest appreciation for the donations of Robby equipment and manpower to clean and sanitize shelters for the victims of Hurricane Andrew. I am so grateful that you were able to help the American Red Cross during a time of extraordinary demand on our services. Your participation in the relief effort was an important contribution to our humanitarian work and to the rebuilding of your own South Florida community. Thank you again for enabling us to respond more effectively to those in dire need. With my warmest best wishes, Sincerely
    Elizabeth Dole, President American Red Cross

  • I am taking this opportunity to write a letter of referral for the Robby Systems. We at the 15th Street Fisheries were the first company in the United States to purchase the Robby. We are extremely pleased with the product. It has allowed us to lower the labor and chemical cost while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. The machines is very durable and easily used. Any business that needs to have a high standard of cleanliness needs to invest in one of these machines. Sincerely
    Mike Pinon, General Manager 15th Street Fisheries - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

  • As a Little Caesar's Pizza franchisee, I just wanted to take a moment to share my experience with the Robby VS 3000. The Robby is now being used by my kitchen employees. This system is excellent on all stainless steel and eliminates the need for a degreaser. What used to be a very disagreeable task for us is now a snap. What is remarkable to me is that the Robby is so efficient without the use of chemicals. Our standard of sanitation has improved tremendously since using the Robby and cleaning time and cost have been cut drastically. I just wanted to let you know how excited we are about your product. I would recommend the Robby to anyone in the business without hesitation. Very Truly Yours, Gary Vitto
    Little Caesar's - Rochester Hills, Michigan

  • Absolutely phenomenal!!! The Robby Cleaning System we purchased from you recently is the most innovative and effective machine I have seen in all my years in the hotel and restaurant industry. Not only does the machine do an outstanding job of cleaning, but it eliminates the need for chemicals. One of the major concerns of the Health Department is chemical contamination in food areas. The Robby has answered to that potential hazardous problem. After the outstanding performance of the Robby machine, hard to clean areas of our kitchen were a breeze. We then let our Housekeeping Department use it for the public areas, such as, tile bathrooms, hallways, etc. It worked so well that the Executive Housekeeper has reduced her labor force by two positions; 1 on the AM shift and 1 on the PM shift. Thank you very much for introducing the Robby to us at the Hilton. I can recommend it for any hotel operation. In fact, I am going to suggest that the Hilton Hotel strongly consider the addition of the Robby throughout our network. Also, as Food and Beverage Director for one of the largest management companies in the United States, namely, MHM, Inc., I have already had the Robby demonstrated to our Regional, as you know, and he is, at this time, introducing the Robby to our more than 100 hotels in the MHM organization. Sincerely
    Lee Mele, Director of Food and Beverage Hilton Hotel - Deerfield Beach, Florida

  • Taking time from my busy schedule to write this letter of recommendation tells you that I am impressed with the ROBBY. We purchased the system some time ago just based on what we saw on the demonstration. There was no question in my mind as to how many ways the total cleaning system would be applied. Time does not allow me to touch on all the ways it has worked for us. Everything that it says in the promotional literature as to its many applications and functions turns out to be accurate. You have made good on your promise to be available for questions and training. I am impressed by the many jobs it can do. It turns out to be more than what we expected. What a pleasant surprise! I would not hesitate to recommend the ROBBY to anyone who is looking for a superior cleaning system.
    Kris Mustakas, Food & Beverage Director Holiday Inn - Fishkill, New York

  • Just a quick note to let you know that "Robby" is in operation and how much we are enjoying it. One of the delights is that we are constantly finding new applications for "Robby" to clean. Due to the fact that there are no chemicals used, I am very confident in empowering the Housekeeping Aides to try "Robby" on just about anything. The associates enjoy using the machine because it is effortless, simple to operate and involves no dangerous chemicals. I, also, appreciate your personal attentiveness during the sales process and the outstanding personal training that you have to both Steve and myself.
    Brian Bartkus, Director of Services Westchester Marriott - Tarrytown, New York

  • When you first demonstrated the Robby VS3000, it was hard to believe that the Robby cleans and sanitizes so quickly and easily without the use of chemicals or degreasers. Additionally, I was concerned that I would not be able to motivate my staff to use the Robby on a daily basis; however, I found that after your hands on training session my staff was self-motivated. We use the Robby to clean everything from gaskets to hoods, and anticipate a large savings in chemicals and labor. It seems that everyday we find a new use for the Robby VS3000. Sincerely
    Beth Zlock, Food Service Manager Pennswood Village - Newtown, Pennsylvania